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Tom Clawson
Singer-Songwriter-Guitar Player for the Blues Rock Band (BUCK69).
Available for songwriting, production, and marketing of material.

I play electric and acoustic rhythm guitar and love my Taylor six string. She is my mistress.
And I write the melodies that she whispers to me in the deep dark of the night.

When songwriting, my lyrics are based on stories Iíve heard, stories Iíve been told and mainly my real life experiences. How does one move forward without looking back Oscar Wilde said, "In the world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants and the other is getting it". So, if regrets are opportunities missed, things left unsaid and passions that arenít pursued, then so far this has been a life of no regrets and Iíve learned that what is held lightly, can never be lost. Simplicity comes from letting go of what you want. - Lao tzu

In October of 1974 right before his 16th birthday, Tom woke up one morning and grabbed his Fender acoustic and his sleeping bag and decided to travel. With six dollars and change, the clothes on his back, a friends draft card and without telling anyone he headed out. Leaving Warren, Ohio and hitch hiking cross-country. Tom would stop in bars along the way playing old Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard songs. He would put his hat on the bar and use the few bucks he made to get something to eat. When he couldnít find a place to sleep for the night he would sleep under the overpasses. Tom made it down to Galveston, TX where he worked on a shrimp boat and then eventually made his way back home. Started his own band, TC Rogers and the Blues Hamilton Band in the fall of 1975, and played a mix of country rock and blues-rock. Since those days Tom has been married, divorced, married again and has 3 sons. Spent 3 years in the U S Army military police, earned a degree in business management, currently manages a trucking company and has a small Internet Human Resource Software business. In 2004 persuaded by his oldest son Alex, Tom started playing music again and eventually they formed a band ďBUCK69Ē in 2005. From his teenage days of hanging out with the Warren, Ohio chapter of the Outlaws, playing guitar in the bars, the booze, the drugs, guns, knives, friends shot and killed, friends dead from drugs, hitch hiking to Texas, hitch hiking to Florida, hitch hiking to New York, the older women, the younger women, the married women and life in general. Tom has plenty of stories to tell and lots of songs still to write!
Tom's personal page is  

Alex Clawson
Rythm and Lead Guitar Player for the Blues Rock Band Buck69.
Alex started playing guitar and writing songs when he was 11 yrs. old. Now at age 31. He plays guitar and writes songs for two Toledo, OH based bands, BATHHOUSEBETTY an all original speed rock band and BUCK69 a unique roots rock band. BUCK69 is currently in the studio recording their first album which should be available Around mid-summer 2007. It's going to be an amazing album with a big handful of some of Toledo's finest musicians. BATHHOUSEBETTY is currently playing random shows here and there with our first album almost complete, check out thier site it's most impressive ( BHB was recently joined by bassist Matt from Toledo based EVOLLOTO and the songs have never sounded better! Alex is also a member of the former band known as THE SOCIETY another Toledo Based band, which you should also check out... It's all on myspace man!. Alex also a self-employed painter, his company is called CLAWSON PAINTING CO. so if you need something painted, let him know (Shameless Plug). If you need a band for your club, let him know. Alex also has a large arsenal of music which he is constantly adding to. Alex's personal page is

Buzz Anderson
Lead Guitar Player and vocals for the Blues Rock Band Buck69. 
Guitar & Vocals: Born in Toledo, raised in Californiaís Santa Clarita Valley, Buzz has been honing his skills on guitar since his early teens. He has played with many local Blues, Rock, and even Country bands in and around the Toledo area. He provides the signature sound of his band Frostbite, which is a mixture of Blues, Rock, Funk, and Fusion. He has had the privledge of opening for and sharing the stage with many Great players such as Tommy Castro, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Watermelon Slim, John Sinclair, Magic Dick of J Geils Band, R.J. Spangler and the Rhythm Rockers, Alberta Adams, Shawn Mcdonald, Larry McCray, Deanna Bogart, The motor City Horns and many of Detroit's legendary old school players. Buzz's personal page is

B J Love
Keyboards Player for the Blues Rock Band Buck69.
B J Love has been playing keyboards professionally since the age of 13. That was a very long time ago and he feels that he really should be better at it by now. He underwent a mid-life crisis at the age of 40 and took a real job. The experiment ended badly. He is proud to be a union member and a registered Democrat - and he doesn't care who knows it. He is blessed with a very understanding wife and son. They understand that he's not going to change and they just have to deal with it. He plays with his organ several hours every day and he urges you to do the same!

Dave Alan
Drummer and vocals for the Blues Rock Band Buck69.
Dave is A Drummer / Vocalist, currently living in the Toledo, Ohio area. He has traveled all over the world working with assorted artists. Dave spent 20yrs playing sessions and gigs in the Los Angeles area, and also Riverside, Ca. He has about a million years experience in the music bizz.....He can sing pretty much anything, and he enjoys many styles of music. Dave decided that he ought to have somethin' to show for all the miles he's logged, and made a cd. Thou he feels he's not a great song writer, or anything like that, but, knows how to make things sound good, and he has some great players on the cd. It was recorded and produced by my friend JESSE CASTRO......pArTy oN!! You can get more info about dave at 

Classic Dave
Bass Player for the Blues Rock Band Buck69.
Hello, everyone, and welcome! As you can see I am here on myspace to network, catch up with old friends and promote my work as a bass guitarist. I currently reside in my home town of Toledo, OH, and have been playing music in some shape, form or fashion since the age of five. I began with violin and picked up my first bass when I was twelve. I play other instruments as well and hope to have some original recordings on this page soon, so stop back often. If you'd like to come see me perform around town check out my main group, Frostbite, with guitarist Buzz Anderson and a rotating cast of other local musicians. We play at the Blue Devil on Laskey and Lewis every Thursday; it's open stage too, so all you jammers bring your axes out!! In addition, I am also the bass player for the rock act Buck 69 fronted by vocalist Tom Clawson with help from our lovely backing/lead vocalist, Candy Coleman (American Idol 2003). His son, Alex, and Buzz Anderson are the lead guitars. We play the band's original material from the album, "When She Whispers Your Name," available for download on,, or our myspace page) and some standards and obscure covers sung by various other members of the group to add more flavor to the show. Visit or the myspace page (link below) to check out the tunes and see what you think. Aside from these projects I have covered gigs for local groups Josh Boyd & the V.I.P. Band, Quickness, Big Tom and others. If you would like to book Frostbite or Buck 69 you can send me a message or post a comment and I will put you in touch with our booking agent. Be sure to check out my pics and post a comment telling me you stopped by... PEACE, YA'LL--- 
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Candise Coleman
Vocals for the Blues Rock Band Buck69. 
Candice Coleman from AMERICAN IDOL II-Look for Candie's interview on AMERICAN IDOL REWIND, being aired this October, also check out the USA FOR UNHCR benefit CD, which features Candie's song "How Long", available at