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Not much known about these guys,

Butch Cage & James Cage

b. March 16, 1894 in Hamburg. Mississippi d. "December 1973" / "1975" [?] in Zachary, Louisiana
Willie B. Thomas b. May 25, 1912 in Lobdell, Mississippi d. November 23, 1977 in Belmont, Louisiana

Butch Cage (voc, fiddle) & Willie B. Thomas (voc, guitar) LPs / CDs
# year
of release
title label # / notes
1 1960 Country Negro Jam Sessions

Butch Cage & Willie Thomas
- 44 Blues
Robert Pete Williams
- Mississippi Heavy Water Blues
Clarence Edwards
- Smokes Like Lightning

Butch Cage & Willie Thomas
- Who Broke The Lock
Clarence Edwards
- You Don't Love Me

Butch Cage & Willie Thomas
- It's The Sign Of The Judgement
Ben Douglas
- Foxhunt

Sally Dotson with Smoky Babe & Hillary Blunt
- Your Dice Won't Pass

Butch Cage & Willie Thomas
- Jelly Roll
Rebecca Smith etc.
- I've Got Religion
Smoky Babe
- Going Downtown Boogie
Clarence Edwards
- Stack O' Dollars

Willie Thomas & Butch Cage
- Brown Skin Woman
Leon Strickland with Lucius Bridges
- I Won't Be Your Low Down Dog No More

additional tracks on CD:
Butch Cage & Willie B Thomas
- The Piano Blues
Smoky Babe
- Cotton Field Blues
Otis Webster
- The Farm Blues
- The Boss Man Blues

Butch Cage & Willie B Thomas
- Whoa Mule!
Otis Webster
- Boll Weevil Blues

Clarence Edwards/Cornelius Edwards/Butch Cage
- Thousand Miles From Nowhere
Butch Cage & Willie B. Thomas
- Dead And Gone
- Called For You Yesterday
- Me & My Chauffeur
- Baby Please Don't Go

rec. in southwest Louisiana during the late 1950s and early 1960s by Harry Oster
cover photo of Butch Cage and Willie Thomas with their wives by Harry Oster

Dr. Harry Oster discography

notes by Harry Oster

Folk-Lyric FL 111

notes by Chris Strachwitz

= Arhoolie R 2018 (1970)
"Country Negro Jam Session"

= Trio PA-6028 (Jp 1974)

notes by Chris Strachwitz

Arhoolie CD 372

2 1960 I Have To Paint My Face

F 1005 (1960) track list:
Sam Chatman
- I Have To Paint My Face [lyrics]
- You Shall Be Free (Nigger Be A Nigger) *
- I Stand And Wonder

Butch Cage & Willie Thomas
- Forty-Four Blues #
Jasper Love
- Desert Blues
Sam Chatman
- Lay My Burden Down (Glory Hallelujah) *
Kathryn Pitman and group
- Save A Seat For Me

Wade Walton & R. C. Smith
- Barbershop Rhythm
R.C. Smith
- Going Back To Texas
Jasper Love & Columbus Jones
- The Slop
R. C. Smith
- Lost Love Blues
- Lonely Widow
Wade Walton
- Rooster Blues

Butch Cage & Willie Thomas
- Butch's Blues