C-Leb & the Kettle Black

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C-Leb & the Kettle BlackStraight out of the smoked-out dark, tiger-wood press-board that so radically encased the walls of your great aunts ol’ basement pool room, evokes the resonate of sound that C-Leb & the Kettle Black have brought back into the game. Inspirations stemming from the porches that hovered above the swamps of the of the early Delta blues cats like Muddy Waters, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Elmore James and Son House to simply name a few… Jesse “Hound dog” Strasbaugh, Jazz Turnbow, and the super human blues monster himself C-Leb, have twisted this swagger and blended up into a fresh and ever so satisfying cocktail better known as C-Leb & the Kettle Black. Collectively but in past and separate projects, the members of C-Leb & the Kettle Black have lived from coast-to-coast, released several independent albums, toured extensively, graced many a’ stages, and even appeared on the ballot of the 2010 Grammy Awards in 7 categories. Choosing not to follow the beaten path they prove their diligence and ambition through painting multiple angles of sound, mixing the blues harmonica with fat and neck enticing grooves, slide guitar and subtle synth ambiances only to be laced with sequences and samples of life, struggle, and triumph. This dynamic troop is cruisin’ the back roads of the music industry but is sure to find the gravel road that leads to the soul they call…Urban Blues.






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