C.D. Woodbury

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C.D. WoodburyC.D. Woodbury has performed in Texas Roadhouses and in Stadiums. He has performed for two US Presidents, foreign dignitaries, and Jimi's music for the Hendrix family. He has jammed with jazz legends, international blues stars, and has worked with sidemen to the biggest rock acts. Yet, he still remains "the Northwest's best-kept secret". Though he has played many styles, he always returns to the blues and American roots music on his guitar.

In 2009, the C.D. Woodbury Band was formed primarily out of an unrehearsed appearance at the Snohomish Blues Invasion with CD and former members of Tim Casey's back-up band, the Bluescats. The Bluescats were one of the top acts in the region and a top selling act in Europe, including edging Eric Clapton to be the number 1 blues act in Belgium one year somewhere in the mid-2000's. Chris Kliemann, Don Montana, and Mike Fish are a dynamic, tight rhythm section.

In 2010, the Band added sax player and multi-instrumentalist Mike Marinig, who has added a new dimension to the band's sound. The band was honored to receive the B.B. Award for Best New Band by the Washington Blues Society, and CD Woodbury was awarded Best Electric Guitar. This was soon followed by a blistering set at Sunbanks Blues Festival.

The CD Woodbury Band plays a mixture of new interpretations of old favorites, obscure gems, and original songs.

C.D. Woodbury - Guitar & Vocals; Chris Kliemann - Keys & Vocals; Don Montana - Drums & Vocals; Mike Fish - Bass & Vocals; Mike Marinig - Saxophone, Flute, Vocals, and Auxiliary Instruments.

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