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Cadillac Angels - Tony Balbinot's no stranger to the realities of the music bussiness. Having cut his teeth playing guitar for Wanda Jackson, Ronnie Dawson, Jerry lee Lewis, Link Wray and countless other "Pioneers of rock & roll", he is currently endorsed by Gretsch guitars and was thier official "Poster Boy" in 2007.

Alex "Lumper Lebowski" Schwartz: Illegitimate child of The Dude? Ex AAAA semi- pro wrastler? Future competetive pie eater? or one of the most underated drummers of our time? You make the choice. One thing's for sure: this guy can, and will, "swing you into bad health!!!"

Ahhhhhh Micky Rae........the secret weapon of the Angels. She makes grown men want to give away thier money just to hear her play the upright bass and purrrrrrr.
cadillac angels