Cadillac Wreckers

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Cadillac WreckersCadillac Wreckers play authentic American music, steeped in the roots of Blues, Swing, Jazz, and R&B. When guitarist Dana Duplan and harmonica player Dane Terry got together, this band, the Cadillac Wreckers was almost inevitable from the first chord. Their vast experience and passion for the music was obvious as they spent hours discussing the likes of T-Bone Walker, Guitar Slim, William Clarke, Little Walter, and so on...during their first meeting! Once the connection was made, they began crafting a Blues show built on their own arrangements and energy, sprinkling in a good mix of classic tunes, as well as some recently penned originals. The Cadillac Wreckers made sure to keep the arrangements swingin', aided by a like-minded rhythm section, consisting of Stan Pachter on bass and John Perkins on drums. These sides, cut mostly live in Scottie Blinn's "Grease Punk Studio", capture the interplay, dynamics, and vibe of a Wreckers live show, and conjure up feelings of the juke joints, speakeasies, and dance halls of an era past. Whether you're into dancing or just grooving along with the band, Cadillac Wreckers are the vehicle that will carry you there in style.

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