Cathy Jean

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Cathy Jean is a life-long musician, dedicating her soul to blues, rock, and roots music. All songs by Cathy Jean, except "Paint My Fence", by Cathy Jean and Keith Stafford. Most heartfelt thanks go out to Bias Recording Studios, Springfield, VA.

Love the new CD!!! Now we reviewed this lady's "Marshall Road Apocalypse" album back in issue 7 and here we are with this tasty morcel which we are told is her 5th album. There was a sad note with the album that the bands bass player Wade Matthews had passed away on August 18th, our condolences. Cathy and the band rock you in with Bitchovich which is vicious story of scheming women and jealousy check out the line; "with your blonde hair (real tight clothes) and big tits all the things my good man can't resist" and you get a feel for the bitchyness going on here, well put over and 'rockin' good. So Proud is a swinging song about "my man's bishop" but you have to listen or read the lyrics to spot this as the music is so damn good. "Something Dark Approaching" slows down the process and carries some fine organ and guitar along with another variation on Cathy's vocals. This is excellent stuff. Cathy hits you between the eyes with her powerful songs, all good compositions and the band do her proud. Blues Revue said about her that "she is a gifted vocalist and aspiring songwriter who deserves to go mainstream". The PR stuff is minimal and Cathy obviously lets her CDs do her talking, and they do it remarkably well. This is a pretty powerful album all round, it builds, it deals with fragilities, fears, jealousies, alcoholism, insecurities, and all in a hard way. The lyrics pack a punch and are almost a range of social commentaries and the music is equally as provocative. She rocks, swings, grooves and entices. Check out her web site. Oh, and 16 page sleeve with all lyrics. Loved it, loved it, give me more. - Caleb, editor, BLUES MATTERS!

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