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Celso Blues BoyNot many artists can boast of having created a musical language. Robert Johnson, Frank Sinatra, Chuck Berry, Elvis, Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, The Beatles, Kraftwerk, Black Sabbath, The Ramones, Faith No More - the list does not go far from there. In this select group of exceptional, Celso Blues Boy gets a vaguinha for having an Australian accent to the blues, a genre American (or African, in its deepest roots) par excellence, and with overwhelming success he made the point of being at the same time, legend, idol and reference, especially when the crop falls over that six-string instrument called the guitar.

Exaggeration? Nothing. Mistake would be to overlook its contribution to Brazilian music. The gringos have recognized: the magazine Backstage Celso placed among the top 20 guitarists in history, BB King, expression of the blues, the stage and bowed to share the studio with him and invite to make a career in the U.S., played at the famous Montreux Festival, Switzerland, The Commitments, the band's cult film by Alan Parker, called Blues Boy to integrate it (and he graciously declined). If Celso was not raised to the same level of glorious Tom Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Caetano Veloso and other luminaries national, it is not here to seek explanations.

Fact is, Celso been making history since the mid 70s. At just 17 years, for example, joined the group of Raul Seixas. Followed a bunch of venerable names of MPB (and His Blue Caps Renato, Sa & Guarabira, Luiz Melodia ...) and enlisted fans wielding the guitar in bands and Foreign Legion Aero Blues, considered the first group of Brazil and blues owner Memorable performances at the legendary venue Apa Loos, in Rio de Janeiro.

Those same fans saw Celso climb the fame in the '80s. His solo debut in 1984 with "Sound on Guitar" is an absolute classic, not only by containing hits ("It increases that there is rock'n'roll", "Motel Blues"), but spread to the four corners of the country the news that blues was good being done in Brazil. Couple this with the talent on the six strings, a hoarse voice, good looks and quality songs and has an instant star. That's what happened.

The 80 was the same for the prodigal guitarist - it's that time other hits such as "Marginal" (alongside Cazuza), "Ladies of the Night," "Hard Times", "Smoking in the Dark," "Always Shine" and the tracks of "Rock Star" and "Bete Balanço" - so much that he is among the artists of the period-symbol. But it was never restricted to it. So much was in the 90s he recorded the exceptional "Live" at Circo Voador (RJ). It was also when he started playing regularly in Europe, became a friend of BB King - to whom honors the artist name and who lends his unique touch to "Mississippi," track from the album "Indiana Blues," the 95 - and was invited to integrate the Commitments. Not to mention the busy schedule of concerts in Brazil.

It is worth an aside for participation by Celso Festival in Montreux, Switzerland in 1995. His apartment was across from the legendary Duke's, a bar where all the beasts of the event are keen to play along. For there was the guitarist Celso a supergroup containing no less than the metal band of James Brown, the Neville Brothers keyboardist and kitchen Band Wilson Pickett - with his own microphone.

In the 2000s, Celso Blues Boy follows the relentless road from airport to airport, apart from the stages. In these comings and goings, was stopped again at Circo Voador, no doubt, your home away from Joinville (SC), where he has lived for 12 years. It was there that legendary space, which he recorded last year, "Celso Blues Boy Live", his first DVD (also released on CD by Penedo Productions). Before an enthusiastic audience, he paraded his most famous songs with the class, the claw and emotion typical of the fans who delivers far more than they ask.

If the DVD / CD is the physical proof of the great talent of Celsus and the quality of his work, the show's launch product is the definitive sample of his charisma. On April 1, he filled the Canecão in an unforgettable party.