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Chris Buck & The Big Horns

Just as the Tom Hollister Trio were about to record their debut album Tom and Robs decided to de-bunk and form The Tom Hollister Soul Orchestra. TH3 had quickly developed a devoted U.K. following, earning airplay on The BBC, Rock Radio, and had been identified by Classic Rock as “one to watch in 2011.”

Chris Buck & The Big HornsGuitarist Chris Buck was left in a pickle – what to do now?

“No worries,” said Tru-B-Dor Records. “You have no band, no material now, so lets make an album.”

Chris was sent an airline ticket to The West and Heather and Alan began to scramble to rectify Buck’s predicament.

Tony Montana, who most recently toured Australasia and The Orient as a member of Slash’s band signed on to do vocals.

Jimmy Mack, who has played bass for Richie Havens, Sly Stone and Stevie Wonder drove down from Sedona.

Michael Thompson, formerly of Bueno and countless sessions, set his drums up in Heavenly Studios and The Big Horns were born.

Prior to the first session, which was set for the day after Chris arrived in Arizona, the day after his 21st birthday, Tru-B-Dor had suggested a set of songs for all to learn, a selection of tales about dissolution and disappointment – there was a story to tell. After the band were introduced to each other, and played together for the first time, these songs were abandoned – it was immediately obvious that there was a chemistry forming that needed a greater freedom, a freedom to jam and roam the wider horizons of a Western guitarscape. ‘Postcards from Capricorn’ is an album truly born in the very first session.

Larry Lee came to town to get the brakes on his pick-up fixed. He dropped by the studio and decided to lay down some keyboards.

Dylan Doherty stormed in to contribute an out on ‘Cold’.

Miss Virginia West provided Southern Mountain Momma grit to the background vocals. As Jimmy observed, “you’re not in Abercarn anymore Toto.”

“Postcards From Capricorn” was recorded in that time during an intense two weeks, and in the spirit of the records of the late Sixties and early Seventies that have inspired all those involved. Maybe its not perfect but it is uncontrived and as organic as one can be in this digital age – a series of snapshots of emotions in the famework of a fragile circumstance -

“Postcards From Capricorn.”

BLUE BLOOD – a manifesto. A creed.

OH WELL – … commitment and trust are sometimes their own reward. Oh well …

WHO’S IN FRONT – again, charm and manners have their essential place, but what intent lies behind them?

LIVING ON FAITH – sometimes all seems lost except a sense of a connection to some notion of a Higher Power. Do they know your name?

OFF THE WALL – if you hit the wall, then all you can do is bounce.

STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU – and yet in the heart there will always be the longing for what is lost and somehow, a sense of forgiveness.

OUT IN THE COLD – right then, if that's it, then lets swagger the fuck on out of here

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