Chris English

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chris englishChris English was born and raised in Salisbury, Maryland and started playing guitar at age 11. His older brother introduced him to the blues in the late 1960's, during his high school years.

Chris concentrated on slide guitar and harmonica at this time teaching himself, using open tunings. Chris is now primarily performing as a solo act, playing traditional and acoustic blues. He has an authentic style of playing. Over the years he has been true to his art learning the subtleties that make each blues special. His performances are both intense and spiritual releases.

His dad calls him preacher man. Delta style is his forte, singing, playing guitar and harp, stamping out the time on an old wooden coca cola crate, creating the subtle polyrhythms and powerful vocals that comprise this elusive form. He also uses vintage guitars from the '30's to replicate the sound and feeling of the blues he has studied and loves.

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