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'Boxcar Special', the first offering from the Chris Mawer Band, is a vigorous blues album distilled with cool West Coast tones. Frontman Chris Mawer delivers witty lyrics with a rich vocal styling as he lays down confident bass lines. Adam Pringle plays guitar with charisma and finesse. George Brugmans (ex Detonators) drives the beat with solid, lilting west coast shuffles.

While writing 'Boxcar Special', Mawer and Pringle drew on their experience touring Australia with Los Angeles-based Italian Blues guitarist Enrico Crivellaro and
bassist and vocalist Finis Tasby, also from Los Angeles, in 2004. "Crivellaro is one of the best blues guitarists around today. He taught me a lot about arranging
blues music. Tasby is a fantastic musician who's been playing since the late 1950s. Touring with him completely changed my approach to playing bass. Learning
about Tasby's life reminded me of what the blues is all about," says Mawer. 25-year-old Mawer (pronounced 'Moore'), from Wollongong, has played with other Blues notables such as Jan Preston, Harper, Ray Beadle, Lil' Fi and Robert Susz. Mawer draws inspiration from Bassists Bill Willis of Jimmie Vaughan's Tilt a-Whirl Band and Preston Hubbard of The Fabulous Thunderbirds. He looks to Albert King for lyrical prowess, James Harman for outstanding phrasing and Chris Cain for performance technique. He began gigging at 15 and met Pringle in 1998 when they both played in popular Sydney Blues band the Midnight Ramblers. Mawer, Pringle and Brugmans have played together since 2001. "Blues music is honest. It deals with everyday ups and downs in a unique way," says Mawer. "I'll always have the Blues - it's my life. I feel driven to get out there and keep the craft alive," he says.

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