Chris Peet

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Chris Peet earns a living as one of South Florida's busiest and most requested drummers. chri peet

Growing up in a family that includes generations of musicians, as well as music lovers, Chris learned to respect music of all eras, genres, and styles. He cites this early groundwork to be the main reason he appreciates and plays many different styles of music. He always says "My family never put a bad record on the turntable.and I think that made me a better musician before I ever picked up the sticks".

He has played and recorded with numerous local bands throughout the South and Central Florida area. He has also done festivals and toured with following national and regional acts: Terry Hanck, Rich DelGrosso, Gypsy Blue Acoustic Revue, Calvin Newbourn, L.A. Jones, The Dillengers, Matt Stubbs, Sax Gordon Beale, Albert Castiglia, Phil Grande, and Adriana Samargia.

Chris is currently touring with 2009 International Blues Challenge/Albert King award winner J.P. Soars. The most recent highlight of Peet's career, in addition to winning the current I.B.C. title, occurred while joining legendary artist Matt Guitar Murphy - one of the original Blues Brothers - in an unforgettable recording session of Murphy's favorites.

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