Clarentz Brewer

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Clarence Brewer, better known as King Clarentz around the Ozark mountain area where he's a fixture of the local scene, mixes the infectious boogie rhythms of John Lee Hooker with the edgier juke joint modalism of R.L. Burnside and up-to-the-minute lyrics for a blend that's both irresistible and unique in modern blues. Born in 1950, Brewer has developed a strong local following in the Ozarks as a blues performer, sculptor and folk artist. (His woodcuts adorn the cover art of his debut album.) Playing slide on a Sears and Roebuck Silvertone guitar while spinning tales of voodoo, politics gone wrong, the devil's den, fast food killing the populace, and bad women and whiskey, King Clarentz is a totally modern-thinking, cutting-edge bluesman who produces a sound that is positively crude and archaic. In 1998, Brewer cut his debut album, released the following year on HMG and produced by Lou Whitney of the Skeletons and featuring the Skeletons as a backing band. More than just a good-time performer with a backwoods style, Clarence Brewer is a modern artist with much to say and a beautifully raucous way of saying it. ~ Cub Koda, All Music Guide

Brewer, Clarence - King Clarentz CD Cover Art