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Cornell Dupree is an influential R&B/soul jazz guitarist who has worked with Donny Hathaway and Steve Gadd, appeared on David Letterman, and written a book on soul and blues guitar: Rhythm and Blues Guitar ISBN 0-634-00149-3. He is reputedly recorded on 2500 albums, many by major artists.

He started off playing in the Atlantic Records studio band, recording on albums by Aretha Franklin (Aretha Live at Fillmore West) and King Curtis He was a member King Curtis's band "The King Pins", He grew up with King Curtis in Fortworth, Texas. He appears on the 1969 Lena Horne & Gábor Szabó recording, and on recordings with Archie Shepp, Grover Washington, Jr. and Miles Davis. Later on he formed the band Stuff which featured fellow guitarist Eric Gale (who has a somewhat similar playing style), Richard Tee on keyboards, Steve Gadd, Chris Parker on drums, and Gordon Edwards on bass. Dupree and Richard Tee recorded together on many occasions.

Notable albums include the aforementioned Aretha and King Curtis records, Joe Cocker's Stingray and Luxury You Can Afford, and Cornell's solo albums Teasin', Can't Get Through, Coast To Coast, Uncle Funky and Bop'n'Blues.

Dupree possesses a unique style that involves double stops and partial chording. His style is sometimes compared to the approach of Steve Cropper; both guitarists sound as if they play rhythm and lead guitar simultaneously.

Still active, Dupree uses a Fender "red-knob" Twin reverb and plays a Yamaha signature guitar called the Dupree Super Jam (it used to be a model similar to the SJ-550 HM, but now is closer to a 3-pickup Pacifica with a maple neck). He played the superlative guitar on Brook Benton's "Rainy Night In Georgia" and " Please Send Me Someone To Love". He is featured playing guitar for 2 tracks on Peter Wolf's (of J. Geils Band fame) critically acclaimed 1998 cd "Fools Parade".