Crashed Dreamed Boomed

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Crashed Dreamed Boomed, Australian singer songwriter Phillip Michael Vasiliades, awakens from the suburban cocoon and cuts loose his creative juices for 2012.His new release of rocking, melodic original songs follows up his 2009 album When. Crashed Dreamed Boomed explores classic rock, blues, electro funk and jazz genres. Throw in a couple of mega pop ballads and you’re in the picture. Uniquely original crafted lyrics, a journey in rhyme from fantasy to reality. “Ice flows and carpet rides”, universal themes of the heart, to tongue in cheek locations, it’s all in the words.

His band provides a dream canvas, to create, explore and galvanise this original piece of work with their exceptional musicial talents. Garth Thompson on drums, renowned Australian icon (ex The Strangers), Phillip has had the pleasure to work with him over the past 16 years. The results speak for themselves. Jeff Mead on Sax and Clarinet, a close associate of Phillip’s who provides sublime wind colourations to the muse. Ric Wong, the dynamic guitarist takes the record to another level with his ambient and brutal guitar playing. Always in control. Malcolm McMahon whose keyboard, vocals, guitar and all round musical talents help frame this aural vision. Phillip indulges his love of bass guitar, adds presence with his keyboard and guitar work and of course his voice. With the many years of live work right there, front and centre the focal point of Crashed Dreamed Boomed. Phillip’s songwriting continues to grow with his long musical career and experience. His soulful and passionate presentation of his new crop of original material is a high point of new releases for 2012.