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Dan Granero began his musical journey at age three. Dan’s first musical influence was his father, Michael Granero who was lead guitarist in the band ‘Ivory’ in the 1970's. Dan was born and raised in Australia growing up in a household filled with many styles of music, from the flamenco style of his parents’ Spanish/Gibraltarian heritage, to blues, soul, roots, rock, reggae and gospel. Dan Granero

Before long though young Dan was hooked on the guitar sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

"I knew right away that I was destined to own and play Fender guitars.”

His journey to become a serious musician had begun.

Dan became devoted to his guitar and bass. Many sleepless nights were spent teaching himself to play and write songs, with the dream of becoming a professional musician his ultimate goal.

By the time he was thirteen the dream had come true and he was gigging professionally as both a lead guitarist and bassist. In 1993, Dan was asked to perform live for the ABC TV program - "4 Corners". He was asked to perform his version of the William Roberts song that Jimi Hendrix covered and made famous, "Hey Joe".

Over the next few years, Dan toured and recorded with many local and interstate artists. Dan mostly performed then as a professional bassist travelling with his Fender P-Bass, using the experience to constantly learn and improve his musical abilities.

In September 2000, Dan was married and continued to play his music part-time as a guitarist and work hard in numerous jobs with the aim of securing a home and future for his family.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be all smooth sailing. The young Granero family’s dreams came to a grinding halt in 2001 when their daughter Kayla Rose was tragically stillborn at 38 weeks.

It’s something Dan still finds difficult to talk about.

“Put simply, my world just crashed down around me and I became deeply depressed. I lost all focus for a long time. Thankfully, our family and friends were there for us and after a time I came to realize I couldn’t dwell on the negative. I’m normally a very positive person. It took some time, but eventually I was able to find a way back to my playing and a more positive attitude to life, which I now hope to pass on to others through my tunes. Music has always inspired me. Now I hope to inspire others who are doing it tough and might need some positive energy in their life.”

In August 2002, Dan's daughter, Ebony Frances was born. Holding his precious child in his arms helped Dan realize that life was very much worth living and he resolved to get his life and music back on track.

By January 2006 Dan had an endorsement with Fender Australia and had re-invented himself and his sound. His passion for music was back stronger than ever.

“I used to work as an air-conditioning technician and I just hated it. It was paying the bills, but I was dying inside. I knew that music was all I was born to do. I had to get out there and play. It hasn’t been easy - actually it’s been very hard at times - but I know in my heart I’m on the right track and doing what I was meant to do with my life.”

In 2007, Dan appeared on the TV program - "Song Writers Across Australia", which was aired on Channel 31. He gained extensive radio airplay for his "Live @ Catho" album, nationally and internationally. Dan has also been a featured blues artist in many music publications, websites and music programs around the world.

August 3rd 2008 saw the 29-year-old, from the NSW Central Coast, playing his blistering brand of Blues/Rock to enthusiastic crowds throughout Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Dan performed with Hooter's Blues Band, feat. Maury "Hooter" Saslaff - Bass (USA), Pete Bogle (USA) - Drums in August and Asmus Jensen (DK) - Drums for September. Dan played in many different venues; from tiny pubs to huge outdoor blues festivals with crowds of thousands.

It was an amazing experience. The crowds were awesome! It’s a beautiful part of the world with such beautiful people.”

In May 2009, Dan headed to Napoli - Italy for a two week tour to finally perform with his dear friends Sergio Schiano and Paolo Borrelli after talking about planning a tour with them for more than 3 years! Dan had a great time and really felt welcomed by everyone he met. It was a beautiful experience that Dan will never forget.

"Sergio Schiano is like my brother, his love and passion for music and people is just something so awesome. I learned a lot from him and his family, it was just so beautiful."

Dan then headed to Denmark and Sweden in June 2009 for a 3 Month Tour. The Dan Granero Band performed at various places such as the famous Stampen - Stockholm, Sweden to MOJO Blues Bar - Copenhagen, Denmark. Dan also performed at the MC Dagarna Bikers Festival - Vastervik, Sweden where he played on the same bill as Canned Heat. Dan had some great times on the road but also struggled behind the scenes to keep his life together while touring. Dan was going through a devorce with his wife of 9years.

"I tried to stay focused on the music but it was so hard to deal with my personal life. I spent more time with my daughter Ebony as she was on tour with us, that kept me grounded and meant the world to me because I had her by my side. Also, having genuine friends on the road really helped me keep it together."

Dan is no stranger to enthusiastic crowds. Anyone on the East Coast of Australia who has been lucky enough to catch one of his shows in recent months knows that he is an artist who puts his heart and soul into every performance.

Watching Dan and his beloved ’79 Fender Stratocaster do their thing is a sight (and sound) to behold.

Dan is doing his bit to keep the great Australian Blues/Rock tradition alive, with recent performances described as ‘must see’ by Reverb Magazine.

Dan recorded his current record, "Can't Stand To Lose" on the 31st January 2009, at "The Oakglen Treehouse" on the Central Coast of New South Wales - Australia with legendary producer/engineer, Dave Scotland. This album intentionally captures the raw energy of the live sessions featuring two of Dan's dearest friends and highly respected musicians; Lawrence Gambale on bass and Michael Williams on drums with minimal production and no overdubs.

As Dan says: “It’s a very honest record, faults and all, that to me builds a strong foundation. I’ve recorded things in the past with lots and lots of production that I think were a bit over the top for me. The layers of vocals and keyboards on those recordings didn't really showcase me as the guitar player that I am, or accurately show what my rockin’ three-piece band does when we play live.”

"CAN'T STAND TO LOSE" is available through CD BABY, iTUNES and ALL SHOWS listed in the gig guide!!

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