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danny cowan groupIf you like your guitar TEXAS HOT, you've come to the right place!The Danny Cowan Group is all about original music centered around hot guitar, emotional vocals and musical roots. They have recently completed their debut album "Drivin' Back to Texas" which has already received great acclaim through digital internet avenues. Reviews:"You sound great! I was very impressed with the professionalism and musical virtuosity of your band. The vocals and instrumentals were thoughtful and inspiring!" Roger McGuinn, of the legendary 60's group "The Byrds""The Danny Cowan Group Serves up some HOT Texas style blues. All the Texas guitar tone is there, along with another Texas tradition, a fine female blues singer fronting the band. This is a classic Texas recipe for good blues...pop open a Lone Star and enjoy! ""The Whip - Here's a driving groove a-la 'Cold Shot', but by no means a SRV clone. Classic Texas sound without apeing all the cliches! "Michael, internet radio station manager"Runnin From The Devil's guitar work is excellent.That is the closest I have ever heard to Hendrix'Crybaby style and still being original. The vocals are awesome too!"Burch, internet listener"Here's a POWER Tradition from the line of the masterful Stevie Ray Vaughan! This emotional duo knows what to do about the blues - Just Keep On Rockin! Tasty guitar is good for your heart & soul so settle in for a banquet of personal pain & regret that rivals good ole' EC! ~Ron

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