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Dave ArcariAs a follow up to his hugely successful Got Me Electric, delta bluesman Dave Arcari delivers his latest offering, Devilís Left Hand. Combining his now trademark fusion of traditional pre-war delta blues based riffs and a voice that feels at home down on the bayou, Arcari pleases both fans and newcomers with this latest album, his sixth in total. With the impressive and wonderfully accurate tag of ďScotlandís answer to Seasick SteveĒ hanging over his head, a lesser musician would be swallowed up by such a hallowed compliment. Dave Arcari, however, is not a lesser musician. Rather than shy away from this pseudo sycophantic compliment, Arcari instead relishes in the spotlight and the accolades that follow a statement like that around. In this latest collection of material, Arcari once again demonstrates the vast wealth of musical talent and knowledge from which he regular draws upon. With a unique ability to combine the sweet, soothing sound of the American Deep South with the more folk and vague rock elements of traditional Scottish music, Devilís Left Hand once again aptly demonstrates the Scot guitarist's best assets and love of what he does. ~Jonathan Whitelaw
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