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Biography of Dave Braulick: Songwriter, Guitar Player and Vocalist

Dave figured out what really moved him at a young age. After countless hours of playing air guitar(on a broom) with the beatles and lipsyncing to Bob Dylan lyrics, he then locked into the psychodelic bands and guitar players of the 60's. Dave grew a close inner "kindred souls" feeling from Eric Clapton, Santana, Jeff Beck, Johnny Winter and John Lee Hooker. Then to no surprise, he went all the way when Hendrix hit the music scene. As Dave puts it, "Hendrix was and always will be, it". Dave has spent a few decades in and out of the music scene. After a hiatus on the big island of Hawaii, touring mainly in the Pacific Northwest with various bands, and a swing through the Midwest, Dave settled back in Oregon, his home state.

Dave's blues rock roots really came out on his 2003 solo CD, Dave Braulick, "Sevens" in which he wrote all the tracks, played all guitars and performed the vocals. He rips it up when he flexes his guitar muscle on this solo effort. Dave has really come into his own with the creation of the band "The Soul Healers". And his "I have a tendency to shred" guitar licks and his "guitar players rule the world" philosphy, Dave brings his own style of guitar playing which he frequently refers to as "The Soul Healerss" which he calls "being able to put your heart and soul into someone elses, with a guitar."

Dave Braulick