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The Dave Moretti Blues Review comes to us from across the pond, from a country more well known for olive oil and aqueducts than swinging blues and fierce harmonica playing. Hailing from Turin, Italy, the Blues Review is a four piece high-energy band that features Moretti on vocals and harp.
dave moretti blues review
At first listen, I wasnít sure what to make of this CD. The sound is a mix of jump blues, swing and just  flat out old-school power blues played energetically. But thereís something in there that isnít quite familiar... a musical approach that feels a little alien. When Moretti starts singing, Iím hit once again with  the other worldly nature of this CD - reminding me of the first few minutes of listening to a Shakespeare play, when I know the language in English, but I havenít quite got the ear for it yet.

A few songs in and this changed for me. My ears became used to Morettiís deep, throaty and ever-so- off-kilter vocals, and the tone and texture of the music started to reveal itself to me. At the end of the CD, the first thing I did was hit play one more time to get deeper into the music. ~Paul Schuytema

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