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Dave Riley enjoys music. It lights his face and radiates from his voice. When he is on stage, he is giving the audience everything he has to give. Every performance, no matter how small the audience or how large, is given with his whole being. 

Born in Hattiesburg, Mississppi, Dave spent his early years learning Gospel. Barely a teenager he moved to Chicago and ended up living on the westside near Maxwell Street where he was steeped in the blues. It wasn't untill he was drafted to serve in Vietnam that he began to take the blues seriously. 

During the time he served in the army he was exposed to many types of music, not only the blues but big band, rocknroll, and jazz. He ended up playing in a military band which traveled from base to base entertaining the troups and sometimes became the opening act for USO shows.

Dave Riley met up with Blues legends Sam Carr and Frank Frost and revitalized his career in the mid 90s and they formed a friendship and a music bond which would lead Dave back to the Delta and back into Blues full time. Dave has been playing music in the Delta and taking the Delta back to Chicago just like all those Blues men before him.