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Dave SadlerIf you like your blues hard-driving, then you will enjoy guitarist Dave Sadler’s new single release, “Fourth Street Ruckus”, a frenetic paced, big blues sound with blistering harmonica and guitar work accompanied by the precision horn work of Dan Cipriano. Roly Platt, one of Canada’s premiere diatonic harmonica players teams with Dave on this title track for the new EP, “Fourth Street Ruckus”, scheduled for release late 2011. Platt, a Toronto native, has become a sought-after live and studio musician due to his versatility and skill. Dan Cipriano, one of the busiest saxophone players in New York, is also no stranger to the music world having toured or recorded with Wilson Pickett, Bruce Springsteen and many others.

Listeners will recognize this cut as a rollicking re-take of “Ain’t Got Time” from Sadler’s “Fade to Blue” (2008) with blistering blues harp in lieu of vocals, percussion by Jesse Rocha and mastering by Abbey Road Studio of London.

Hailing from Pine Bluff, Arkansas (home to blues legends Big Bill Broonzy and Cedell Davis), Sadler says he picked up a guitar at an early age, because his piano teacher failed to make any headway with him at all. The choice of learning to play a musical instrument having 88 keys versus 6 strings was no contest. “Have you ever tried to tune a piano?”, Dave has been known to remark.

Growing up on the edge of the Delta, blues inspired music surrounded Sadler. Where a typical teenager might have been found listening to the latest top 40 rock hit, Dave, a self- taught musician who plays by ear, would often be found locked away in his room listening to the likes of B.B. King and Elmore James, trying to emulate their playing styles.

 A guitarist and studio musician, Sadler is affiliated with BMI as a songwriter/composer and resides in Pine Bluff, Arkansas where he records and publishes for the independent label, BluezArt Records.
Dave SadlerDave Sadler
Performance Credits:

Dave Sadler- lead guitar, rhythm guitars, bass
Roly Platt- diatonic harmonica
Dan Cipriano- alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax. trumpet, trombone
Jesse Rocha- percussion

Production Credits:

Dan Cipriano- horn engineering and arrangement
Ian Shepherd- production consultation
Mastering- Abbey Road Studio, London
Christian Wright- mastering engineer

“Fourth Street Ruckus” by Dave Sadler is now available on iTunes, CDBaby, and other download locations.