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The Danish band Delta Blues Band had been leading an inconsistent career for a decade, when in in the late 70's they teamed up with former Bob Dylan-band guitarist Billy Cross. In 1979 as Delta Blues Band featuring Billy Cross they recorded the album "No Overdubs" in one six hours recording scene. The album generated them a reputation as the only genuine blues outfit in Denmark and same year they formed Delta Cross Band. From 1979 to 1982 the band released three albums and was a very popular local concert name. In 1980 they backed C.V. Jrgensen on his "Tidens Tern" album, one of ten albums on the national cultural heritage albums list. Disagreements over the musical line cooled off the collaboration from 1983. Troels Jensen, Sren Engel and Preben Feddersen re-formed Delta Blues Band and released an album. Billy Cross went solo, releasing albums and producing for other artists. For a short while in 1990 they re-banded and released a single album, "Tough Times".
delta blues band

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