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demian dominguez
Demian Dominguez, Blues and Rock, guitar player and singer, born on march 18th 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he professionally dedicates to music since when he was only 12.

A age 15 he had been the supporting artist for Jimmie Vaughan, along with Los Lobos and Roy Rogers at Huracán Stadium at Buenos Aires, in the tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan, having a excellents critics. With his band runs Buenos Aires' scene, he shared stage with renowned musicians.

In 1996, the General San Martin Theatre of Buenos Aires Argentina gave him an important award for his “contribution to blues”.

In 1997 MTV dedicates him an hour-long special program inside the “MTV Afuera” program cycle. He's hired by Toyota to create a jingle for their TV Spot. Demian play in one of the shows in the meeting “Rock Nacional 30 años”, in Argentina.

Lives in Barcelona, Spain, since 2002. Recording in Barcelona of his album “Bull Blues” with: Tito Bonacera: bass and harp, Dannyman Navarro: drums and as guest: Luciano Matias: piano and Xavi Reija: Drums.

In 2005/2006 he has also been support artist for Elliot Murphy and Bernard Allison.

Demian had one of the most special moments in his career when he was invited in Karlsruhe, Germany, by Bernard Allison, one of the most brilliant guitarist of the worldwide blues scene, to play with him, getting the acknowledgement and astonishment of Allison, who praised in front of the crowd about Demian's excellent playing.

Demian Dominguez with Tito Bonacera: bass, Roger Serrahima: drums and Fernando Tejero: keyboards & piano, ended of recording "Devil By My Side", his last study work and the most special by his career, because this cd have a special guest of one of his great guitar heroes, the great bluesman "Bernard Allison" in vocals and slide guitar.
This album had a great repercussion and occupied the first places in some Americans Blues Charts.

In 2008 Demian Band is on tour and with Lucia del Campo: hammond & bass and Gustavo Segura: drums ,they ‘re proudly showin “Devil By My Side” with a huge repercussion touring around the world and he got the goal to be placed on Nº 126 "Album Of The Year" category in the "52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards.

lucia del campoLucia del Campo

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 12th., 1971.  She studied at the National Music Conservatory "Carlos Lopez Buchardo" classical piano career.
In popular music performed various courses and seminars on harmony and functional analysis focused on jazz and modern music with teachers such as Santiago Giacobbe, Hector Lopez Fürst, Juan Carlos Cirigliano (Astor Piazzolla), among others. She devoted herself from early on to participate in blues and rock bands as long to music education.

Her main influences are Johnnie Johnson, Dr. John, Ray Charles, Ethel Caffie Austin, Billy Preston and Jon Lord.  At the beginning of the 90s was part of The Brandy Blues Band and Negros de Alma (her own project ). In 1998 she moved to USA where she played with bluesman Joey Gilmore & the TCB Express touring all around South Florida and taught at Mars Music Learning Center in North Miami.
Since 2001 she lives in Spain where she participated in various projects which include Gaby Jogeix, with whom she recorded the album "Learnin '..." (2001) and Vargas Blues Band (2002 to 2007) with stakes in the DVD "Spanish Fly" (2004), and the albums "Love, Union,Peace" (2005), "Lost and Found" (2007) and "Flamenco Blues Experience" (2008) and with whom she toured various countries in Europe and America (Spain, Germany, Belgium, Norway, France, United Kingdom, Macedonia, Argentina and Canada). Taught for eight years at the School of Modern Music "21st. Century Music "in Madrid.
Today is part of the DEMIAN BAND next to Demian Dominguez (vocals, guitar) and Gustavo Segura (drums) with which is touring several European countries (Spain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic). Also continues to teach privately.

gustavo seguraGustavo Segura

Been born in the city of Buenos Aires, at the age of 6 years he initiates his first studies of percussion followed of piano, theory and solfeo in the “Santa Cecilia Conservatory” where he ends the career in 1977. After haveing participated in different groupings since 1973, year in which he begins to play drums, it’s in 1982 when he decides to take music like his only and true profession.

At this moment he decides to retake the studies that bring him to culminate the career of Symphonic Percussion, at the “Lopez Buchardo National Conservatory” by 1990.

After a period of 3 years in the United States (1998/2001) where he participates in several projects of blues, rock, heavy, funk and latin, Gustavo travels to Spain and settles in Madrid (May 2001). In this new period he collaborates with local artists until half-full of 2002, year in which he joins the"Vargas Blues Band".

From then on he is touring all over the territory of Spain and also he participates in several European and American tours, which take him to countries such as Belgica (Antwerpen Blues Festival 2003), Macedonia (Skopje Blues & Soul Festival 2005 featuring Devon Allman as an invited singer), Poland (Lodz Blues Festival 2005 shearing stage with Derek Trucks Band), Germany, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Norway (Nottoden Blues Festival 2006 featuring also Devon Allman), Canada (Mont-Trémblant Blues Festival 2005, Salmon Arms Roots & Blues Festival 2007, Calgary International Blues Festival 2007), Argentina (Rock in Ñ 2007).

He records with VBB the DVD "Spanish Fly" (2003), some of the tracks of the CD/DVD "Lost and Found" (2007) and any of the tracks of the new material of Vargas Band Blues "Flamenco Blues Experience (2008). Collaborates with Gaby Jogeix ( with whom he records the album “Learnin’” – 2001), Steve Zee, Steve Payne, Kym Mazelle, Salvador Dominguez.

In the present he participates on diverse projects like "Demian Band", "Claudio Gabis", among others. He is also a drums teacher since 15 years ago as much in private lessons as giving seminaries and clinics. Also he collaborates with “Todo Percusion” magazine in which he refers to the section of rock drumming.