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dirty pirate hookersDirty Pirate Hookers and the blues? Well, the blues ought to be Dirty and these rockin' Pirates have hijacked the blues and have a feel for it that has made it their own. Hookers may sell their talents for a price and these guys have been selling theirs in the bars for years, they know all the tricks of the trade. These Dirty Pirate Hookers are all seasoned veterans from the Detroit area and have been involved in numerous projects and have set a coarse well traveled. The crew is made up of Chris Rumel on bass, starting out playing in punk rock bands, Chris has been working with several of the best blues bands in Detroit these last few years including the Motor City Sheiks, Count Bracy and the Pleasure Tones and toured Europe with Harmonica Shaw. Holding down the back beat is Joe Pistorio, he's been on the Detroit music scene for 40 years, and played drums with the Motor City Sheiks, Rythmatics, Little Stubby and the Disappointments, and The Blue Suit Blues Band. Pat Shanley comes from rock n' roll, that illegitimate stepchild of the blues, having led many a band including Blowtop and the Woebegones. As the captain of this crew, Pat provides passionate vocals and plays soulful guitar, his rock'n leads takes this band on a hip shaken good time. Together they set their sails and take listeners on a cruise that is a tribute to the bounty of classic blues. Recorded at Memphis Smoke, one of the finer rib joints and blues clubs in the metro Detroit area, the CD captures the raw energy of a live show. This band ain't fancy and with the blues it's all what you do with it that's the pays off. These Pirates have taken eight blues classics and rocked them into energetic golden pieces of eight. With “You Upset Me” they grab the audience and drag them into “I'm Tore Down.” They play some familiar tunes like “Thrill is Gone” while their energetic delivery drives “Messin' With the Kid” and “Evil” full sail. To catch your breath “I Can't Hold Out” slows it down as the guitar slips and slides. “Shot Gun Blues” really nails down the blues with it's slower vocals and hard hitting leads. The band close out their show with the classic Freddie King instrumental “Hideaway. ” The Dirty Pirate Hookers have captured a gritty rockin' feel on “Live Anywhere” and they've hit pay dirt on their first CD unearthing a treasure chest of blues gold." ~Review by Roger & Margaret White

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