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Having both played in different bands over the last ten years or so and been good friends with similar taste in music we starting jamming together at weekends and honing our unique sound. dixie fried

Before long Dixie Fried was born & ready to unleash our material upon an unsuspecting public and to our complete surprise found we had an audience of like minded musical souls eager to hear our brand of deep down and dirty Mississippi blues played as well as two white guys from Scotland`s shores can.

Craig Lamie - Guitar/Vocals
Craigs weapons of choice are a Gibson SG or Fender telecaster guitar ran through A Fender Blues Junior Amp. His music loves range from Junior Kimburgh, The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Peter Green, Jimi Hendrix Experience to North Mississippi Allstars.

John Murphy - Drums
John`s tools of the trade are Pearl Export Drumkit & Paiste Cymbals with Vic Firth drumsticks. His musical influences range from The Black Crowes, Humble Pie, The Black Keys, RL Burnside, The Stone Roses & AC/DC

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