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For those blues fans and all others who love traditional roots & blues, here is a treat for you, Dr. Slide. Yes, there is a great slide guitar player in this band; there is also great acoustic fingerpicker in Dr. Slide. The percussionist does a great job of keeping the beat; you can literally hear his foot counting out syncopated rhythms.

I must mention the walking bass player who keeps the others in line with his moving, melodic deep notes. Now the singer, picture this: Wolfman Jack has come back to us, and informs us that while he was away, he perfected his singing voice and has joined The Dr. Slide Band.

The above gives you a good idea of the musicians in this band. But wait, there is one thing I have left out. "They are all the same person," and what's more they are all playing at the same time! His CD's are a one person 1940's Delta Bayou Roots & Blues Concert, or at least that's where you'll think you are. As you listen you begin to see the vision of a seasoned blues man sitting at the edge of the river playing and singing away his woes. On the cut, Friends for Life, you can literally see the tears rolling down his cheeks. His CD's are an experience in talented full-throated meaningful, soulful southern blues. And the way Dr. Slide can play the slide while finger picking and playing the bass lines all at the same time is extremely rare these days. Rather unheard of is the guitar player who can pull this feat off! Can you say, "One man Blues Band"? Dr. Slide shows it can be done and with authenticity, true to the home and heart of the blues. Dr. Slide must have been born on the Delta! No, Dr. Slide was born in East Germany, and literally climbed the wall to escape to freedom. Yes, I guess one would definitely experience and live the blues there! It comes out in his music, and it touches your soul. Ever wish you could go back in time and be able to sit on the back porch after dinner in the countryside of Mississippi back in the 40's or 50's and listen to the skillful mastery of a blues singer and guitar player performing for the ages? Here's your chance. Cozy up with your favorite beverage or invite the friends over for an old time quality blues happening. Dr. Slide will cure that ache in your heart for some Salt of the Earth, down-home, nitty-gritty, emotional; take me Lord, now I can go, Blues