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DuWayne Burnside - After spending the last few years recording & touring with North Mississippi Allstars, Duwayne felt the need to decided it was tme to record a solo record. The title under pressure is not just from a blues perspective, but from which all can relate. Everyone knows what pressure feels like, Duwayne is keeping it real on this record, blending Memphis soul with seventies Motown. The sonic value is haunting, combined with raw hard hittin’ driven Northern Mississippi blues, crossroads into rock... So powerful from his ballads about Holly Springs & tribute to Junior Kimbrough, to his Father , R.L. Burnside’s song. Bad Luck City.” duwayne burnside

Duwayne has 9 original sonmgs that he wrote, and co-wrote. The up tempo song, “King” with Cody Dickinson, another he co-wrote with his brother Gary Burnside, “She Threw My Clothes Out The Door,” or up tempo “Why You Act Like That” to “Treatin’ Me So Bad...” This record has it all.

The band, The Mississippi Mafia consists of the hottest sidemen right now, including Luther & Cody Dickinson, Chris Chew, James Mathus, Roy Cunningham and Garry Burnside, not to mention the producer John X, who has worked with The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Hank Williams 3rdto name a few. John also throws down some keyboards on a track or two.

Recorded at Delta Studio in Clarksdale, MS, Elvis Costello’s current single was recorded at Delta as well... The studio is so warm it really felt like home. So much BC records already booked 2 entire future recordings in Feb. & March. Garry & Cedric Burnside and David
KimbroughJr. David has not has not had a release since Fat Possum in the early ‘90’s