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This guy took 1st place in 1993 Motor City's best rock guitarist contest, and 1st place in the 1983 Miller Highlife Rock to Riches National contest beating out 35,000 entries. Eddie Leighton is Rock and Blues at it best.

The Eddie Leighton Project:Eddie Leighton
If you like great rock guitar riffs, then you have to get this CD. The Eddie Leighton Project, is a group of professional musicians that take their music very seriously.
All of the musicians on, The Eddie Leighton Project CD, and the live performance shows, are seasoned musicians with years of experience behind them. We love to play music and we have fun doing it says, Eddie Leighton. "If there is anything better then performing music, I would be doing it. I really love performing in front of a live audience that appreciates the music we play."

Each one of us respects each others talent. You can feel the connection within the music when everyone is locked in with each other. I love the energy that we create. It's the real deal. You can't fake it. The live shows are incredible, it's just a big party when we play.

Drummers: Rock Steady - Joe Fava, Frank Mulvihill,
Bass Guitars: Rick Vee, Joe(Bass)Allen
Keyboards: John "fingers" Fain, Scott Bogden
All electric guitars, Acoustic guitars: Eddie Leighton
Backup vocals: Scott Bogden, Frank Mulvihill, and Eddie Leighton
Lead vocals, Eddie Leighton

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