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Fred and the Healers (1994-2004), is a group of Blues Belgian formed around guitarist Frédéric Lani and bassist JM "Pappy" Lani .


Fred and the Healers is a group of blues rock that the registry is primarily sung in English.
The group has always consisted March-April instrumentalists: A guitarist / singer (Fred), a possible second guitarist, a bassist (Grandpa) and a drummer.

People who have contributed to the group are, in chronological order:
Frédéric Lani (1994-2004) (Guitar)
JM "Pappy" Lani (1994-2004) (Bass)
Marc Lhommel (1994-1996) (Drums)
Jerome Boquet (1998-2002) (Second Guitar)
Axel Muller (1996-2003) (Drums)
Bruno Castellucci (2003-2004) (Drums)

To date, the group is completely dissolved. Bruno continues his career as a jazz drummer after a short collaboration and Fred Lani formed a new band called Fred Lani & Superslinger . As for Axel Muller, he now officiates in the group Lightninbug.

A special reunion of the group nevertheless held Saturday, June 5, 2010, to mark the 15th anniversary of the cafe-concert "Spirit of 66" in Verviers.
During the band's career, several live recordings and reports were made ​​about it by the RTBF .

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