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The name of this group (Belgium) is actually the name of its leader, Jean-Pierre Froidebise, who is the guitarist, singer and composer. He participated in many sessions and concerts in Germany, France, Netherlands, etc., and made part of the group Such A Noise (4 albums) ... Thysen Jack plays the bass and was also knocked a lot and played in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada. It is with Froidebise since 1997 ... Marc Descamps, drummer, has done a lot of sessions and side dishes (Platters, Jo Lemaire, Adamo, etc) ... Thierry Crommen, harmonica and sax, the trio now enhances base. He played with BJ Scott, Such a Noise, Michael W. Smith, etc.

Presentations being made, find the CD! From the first track, "Where's your sister" the tone, the sound becomes clearer Froidebise: jazzifiantes harmonies, rhythmic, funky blues. Means right away that they are excellent musicians, some even virtuosos, but they do not flaunt: they kept the feeling, always serving the song.

Jean-Pierre has a sacred character (I think it is the same on stage), his compositions are "strong" with sophisticated arrangements (although enhanced by the talents of musicians).

One can feel here and there some influences or reminiscences of Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, Chris Rea, Led Zeppelin, Doors, Backman Turner Overdrive ... Warning, this is not "flagrant" and, in the blues-rock style, as in other music, it's okay to be inspired by the "old", but all this is perfectly controlled and digested to give their "sound" of their own (this is not plagiarism stupidly reproduced)!

I would add that the compositions are so successful they are in times of darkness! Incredible but true. Not that "St James Infarmery", "I'll Shall Be Released," "California" or "Jesus on the mainline" are missed, this idea from me, but the group's compositions are so original that we would like to have more!

How to resist their "paw" (subtle mix of jazz, blues, rock and swing, flown by the hoarse voice), how not to soar by listening to songs like "Where's you sister," "The Last Song" both versions of "Send my body to Bourbon Street" (with and without brass), or even "Big Fat Louis" with just the voice and slide (dazzling both) that meet? It's impossible!

In another "Baby B." and "Some people never learn" are proof that you can play super speed, very rock 'n' roll in the early 70's, while keeping a kind of lightness, finesse in interpretation: the set of cymbals, the roar of the bass, the cry of the harmonica, the guitar riffs (oh and this guitar even more slide), a real treat ...

All this to say that Froidebise (like a photo of the book) is a sacred trigger the six strings!

Everything I love in blues-rock is on this disc: energy, electricity, the rebellion ... but also the feel, warmth, tenderness. You can listen to it 100 times and you will discover again and again new subtleties, new pleasures ...

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