Funky B and the Kings of Shuffle

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Funky B and the Kings of Shuffle

Under the motto “Finest Funky Rhythm & Blues”, this =Funky B and the Kings of Shuffletrio presents an energetic cross-section of all varieties of the blues in a most extraordinary cast.

The focus is Mark Lauer aka Funky B on the Hammond B3 organ, and who also plays the bass. He can now point to decades of experience in the blues as an international sideman of all sizes.

Carsten Egger aka Shuffle King Car is not just known as a live guitarist and for studio work, but also as a producer. Accordingly, he is responsible for the current album “Green Onions Reloaded!” Together with Mark Lauer, he shares the songwriting and lead vocals.

Jörg Mattern aka shuffle drummer Jörg Matt King has for the past 7 years been on the road touring through Europe, where he was with countless other performers on stage and in the studio. As a third voice, he provides the final touch in the striking harmonies of the songs.

The trio’s music thrives on the constant interaction with each of the individual musicians and with the audience - it creates a unique, explosive mixture with ecstatic solos, which extends the traditional blues to jazz, funk and rock.

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