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Gary Sloan - arrived in Alaska in 1964 and stayed until 1995. He had sung in church and school choir, so it wasn't much of a stretch to become the animated lead singer of a Top 40 band.

gary sloan A year later, upon hearing the first Butterfield and Musselwhite albums, he picked up the harp and added blues to the mix. By the next year all other types of music was dropped and "Proof" became the only Alaskan blues band.

When Jimmy Reed died, Gary called JOHN LEE HOOKER at home and brought him up to tour the state. By this time (1971) Lindy Raines had been lead guitarist for several years. John told them a harmonica player was sleeping on his couch and needed work: CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE, who was the next to tour with the band. Word of mouth from those two spread and in the next 20 years Gary and Lindy would tour with BO DIDDLEY twice, HOOKER 2 more times as well as JIMMY ROGERS, PHILLIP WALKER, SLEEPY LaBEEF, ELVIN BISHOP, ANGELA STREHLI and many others. Some artists, such as MARIA MULDAR, ELVIN BISHOP and CHUCK BERRY would borrow the band (or members of it) from time to time as well.