Geir ”NoFish” Bertheussen

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Geir ”NoFish” BertheussenGeir ”NoFish” Bertheussen was born on the island of Senja in Troms, a part of Norway that is famous for it's tough weather conditions.
In his youth he worked in a fish factory in his home town, but found that he was allergic to fish and so he got his nickname- NoFish.
After years of touring in the northern parts of Norway with his band,”NoFish” moved to Trondheim in 2000. He is now on the road with musicians from the middle part of Norway, and the authority that his concerts provide is met without match.

Norwegian blues-general Mr. Geir Hovig from the blues radio show “Hovigs Hangar” NRK P1 says: “Nofish” is a blues-talent extraordinare. His blues hits you like a train at 200 miles pr hour. His blues-harp can make the toughest man cry.

Describing the blues of “Nofish” isn't easy. He pics style most from Chicago, also a little bit of West coast, Mississippi and New York. He gets his inspiration from legends like James Cotton, Junior Wells, Snooky Pryor and Sonny Boy Williamson # 2 But most of the blues that comes out of this guy is humorous, hard hitting and real.

His lyrics are more than anything about his own life up till now,seen through the eyes of a man that have been around the block a few times. He sing about bar fights, drinking and women. His most recent recording- “Grounded” (2001) Is a fireball of a record. All of the material is self made and it sounds great!

With him on the road he has three of the best blues musicians in the region. Together with “Nofish” this is a lethal package of blues. Hard hitting, hot, fast and furious, but most of all honest.

From 2003 the band is called “Nofish & The Tornadoes”

This Blues Band is probably the greatest Blues band in Norway these days- Trust me!!!!

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