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Geoff Achison is a musician of remarkable ability who has forged his own path and won fans all over the world.
Having taught himself to play in the isolation of rural Australia, he has developed a blues/funk style all his own that can be delicate one moment and explosive the next. Unaware of how the sounds he was hearing on his limited record collection were produced, he invented some of his own techniques - without the aid of pedals or gadgets. Just watching him wrench a myriad of sounds from his simple set-up can be something of a spectacle.
Geoff AchisonHe is also a very capable vocalist with a gritty, soulful quality to his voice. Inspired by the great Blues and R&B music of yesteryear, Geoff’s live set features an infectious mix of gutsy original tunes, improvised jams and dynamic new arrangements of blues & soul classics.

Growing up in the small town of Malmsbury in south eastern Australia, Geoff developed a passion for American blues music and taught himself to play on a beat up instrument he discovered 'under the stairs' of the family home.

In his early 20's he found employment as lead guitarist with Melbourne's top blues band 'Dutch Tilders & The Blues Club'. After 5 years relentless touring around Australia Geoff departed to pursue his own musical ideas and formed the first incarnation of his own band 'The Souldiggers'.

“The idea was to have a name that described the music and I greatly admired the blues philosophy - tapping into one’s soul for honesty and truth. That’s what ‘Souldiggers’ is meant to convey.”

He formed his own Jupiter 2 Records in 1994 with fellow music enthusiast Nic Quittner and released the first of many recordings of his original blues/funk/soul flavored materiel. These early recordings were well recieved by fans & critics alike and encouraged Geoff to take his music to other parts of the world.
Geoff started his worldwide explorations in 1995 with his first trip to the USA.

He represented the Melbourne Blues Society at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis and won the coveted Albert King Award for his guitar skills. He went on to accept an endorsement deal with the Gibson guitar company's acoustic division. He formed a US based Souldiggers group in 1998 and recorded his third album 'Gettin' Evil' in Portland, Oregon. Geoff has also conducted his guitar workshops at Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch guitar camp in Ohio.

He moved to London in 1997 to establish a UK following.

Some tough touring and perseverance early on led to appearances on BBC radio and the recording of a live album with his British Souldiggers group. Geoff was featured on the cover of Blues In Britain magazine July 2009.

His annual tours have extended throughout Australia, the UK and USA playing either his immensely popular Solo Acoustic shows or hiring the best musicians available to form The Souldiggers as he goes.

He has won a swag of Awards over the years for writing, performing and recording. In 2007 Geoff & The Souldiggers picked up the Chain Blues Music Award in Australia for ‘Group Of The Year’ and a Guitar Player Magazine readers poll voted Geoff one of their 'Top Ten Hot New Guitarists' in June 2008.