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Hard Luck Blues Band was founded in 2002, the band got its experiences playing different bars and venues in the Eastern Townships. The members of the band developed a complexity that permitted them to win the contest
FESTI-JEUNES 2003 for the most talented musical group.

We moved our practice local in early 2004 to King's Hall in beautiful Compton and we continued to play Venues and grow as tighter stronger musicians. By spring 2005 we had under-gone a few technical changes, faces changing
and re-arranging. Steal your face style, then one of our key founders was obliged by the forces that be to take a 13 month vacation.

Each musician goes through many trials and tribulations, but one can only see his true friends when tested by forces that we have no say in. Water and wine are as music is to a friend...worthless with-out the other.

Rock & Blues enthusiasts, climb aboard the HARD LUCK BLUES train and let the music take you for a psychedelic ride!