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The Hep Cat Daddies is the finest neo-swing band in Sweden – the musical interpreter for the return of the swing. Along with a motley crowd of people they have made the revival of the swing possible. Everyone from old punk rockers, hip-hoppers and dancers, to ska- and jazz musicians are gathered around the raw, but positive heart of the swing.

The Hep Cat Daddies´ music has its roots in the traditional swing jazz as it sounded on the Savoy and the Cotton Club in 50s Harlem. However, they won’t let themselves be moulded in any musical standard form. The influences are many. The soul in their music is as impulsive and disrespectful as the traditional swing was in its time. It’s all rock n´roll!

As a house band on Club HepCat the Daddies know what makes a dance floor rock. Over and over again the have shown that they have the attitude and the routine to give the audience what it takes, weather they play on the swing clubs in Malmoe, Lund and Gothenburg or give concerts around the country. After a short break for a recording session they have now with a new gained blood thirst entered the stages. After all, when played live, their music is at its best, in close encounter, when anything can happen. I know – that’s how I lost my soul…

Ludde Wennström - Double Bass, Olof Jernryd - Drums, Daniel Broman - Vocals, Pelle Arhio - Piano, Fender Rhodes, August Wanngren - Trombone, Pär Westerlund - Saxophone

hep cat daddies