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It goes without saying that once you have seen Holland K. Smith in action you'll be hooked on his special kind of Texas brewed blues. As you can see below, writers from across the country (and international critics too) agree that the Holland K. Smith Band is a sure bet to be one of the top Jump Blues bands on tour anywhere!

Sporting his 50's look with pompadour hair, goatee and blue jean attire, Holland brings his showmanship to a personal level as he interacts comfortably with his audience. Holland-1.jpg (19990 bytes)

Working from a Strat to a beautiful Epiphone, the guitarist applies his style to a variety of guitars as the trio melodically changes gears. The confident artist captures your attention with fleet-finger playing demonstrated as he plays "Apache" and his lighthearted ease on "Night Train". Holland can polish off any song with his clear range evident as he sings "Ain't That I Don't Love You" and "Beautician's Blues". "Ainít That A Bitch" brings Hollandís guitar talent to the level of greatness.

One cannot deny that Fort Worth is a major center for Texas Blues. Especially when entering the rocking J&J Blues Bar to find the Holland K. Smith Band. The tight trio consists of Holland K. Smith, songwriter and guitarist, Eric Matthews on stand-up bass and Michael Dahoney, just one of various drummers to work with the band. Using a fusion of Blues, Rockabilly and Swing forms, Holland has developed a unique sound that makes him a favorite local talent. The three piece band sufficiently pulls off the Swing sound that keeps the dance floor hopping.

Holland K. Smith currently has two CD's available on which he has added to his usual rhythm duet keyboards and horns to create a full Swing band sound. His debut CD, Jungle Jane, released in 1997, proves that Holland is a true master of the Blues and Swing. "Blood on My Hands" and "Lay It On Me" bring out his true Blues roots while "Two Dollar Woman" and "Jungle Jane" reveal his love for Swing. His second CD, Walking Heart Attack released in 1999 enfolds a solid Rockabilly realm while reaching out for the occasional taste of the Blues. Music lovers are immediately hooked by the first two tunes on this CD, "Walking Heart Attack" and "Devil And The Deep Blue Sea". This artist has created his Rockabilly masterpiece.

Holland K. Smith is from Arlington, Texas and has taken his music as far away as Europe, South America and Asia. From his original numbers and traditional Blues covers we can see that Holland is capable of satisfying anyone's appetite for good music.