Idle Hands

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Idle Hands are an L.A.-based blues band, six musicians who really dig playing the blues, rock, and rockabilly. Just off the late-night inventive grind of laying down and mixing the razor-sharp tracks for their new album, “On Fire,” on the indie label Stingray Entertainment, Paul Van Duine, Vince White, Megan Geraghty, Larry DiPeppe, and Bermuda Schwartz are scaling up the sounds in venues North of the border.

Together since 2002, Idle Hands, like rockers and crooners of the Old Guard, take their influences from stuff that moves them. From the concisely conveyed twang and longing of “Baja Boogie” to the burning desolation of “Devil’s Playground” and heartbreaking hook of “Little by Little,” the album wails of raw emotion so basic to our ethos. Technically proficient, and rife with vitriolic, turbulent songs staking claim to the body of Blues, Idle Hands are proving their strengths as a musical force through collaborations with artists like Chicago Bob, Lenny Smith and others, and delivering live shows on the old order of flash bang and drive, keeping the emphasis where it belongs.

Megan Geraghty , vocals; Vince White, lead guitar and vocals; Paul Van Duine, guitar; Larry DiPeppe , bass; Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz , drums.

Idle Hands

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