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J.J. BandJ.J. Band quite quickly found its place in our market. Last summer they participated in several competitions with changing fortunes, but the second half of the year saw the clear domination of the four guys from Jelenia Góra led by Jacek Jagus and supported by Bartek Leczycki from Lublin. From the very beginning the band amazed listeners with their mature, specific sound. Jagus turned out to be a natural born rocker, playing the guitar Texas-style, i.e. with hard blues-rock riffs supplemented with short but expressive solos. When one of the most talented harmonica players, Bartek Leczycki, joined the band, he and Yogi formed an unusually creative frontmen duo. Excellent support is provided by the other three band members, including the pianist who has a considerable influence of the band's sound. I have been to many concerts of theirs and I cannot recall a single moment when I felt bored.
I was waiting for this album with great hope and curiosity. First of all, I was curious whether the band would manage to convey their stage power on a record. Having listened to the CD several times, I can assure you that these debuting artists have produced a fine record indeed. Most importantly, the album shows J.J. Band as having a much more varied nature that what you can hear at their concerts. The CD features songs that we already know from their excellent live performances such as the title track Good Day For The Blues, Lucky Guy, Feel Like A Man, Boogie Woogie Papa, Kansas City or an unconventional version of Kiedy bylem malym chlopcem (Tadeusz Nalepa, the "godfather of Polish blues", will surely be satisfied with it). But we also have a few new songs such as Just Can't Lose, imbued with the spirit of the Vaughan brothers, a hypnotic version of Wonderful Tonight, with Eric Clapton's lyrics but music by Jacek Jagus. Jagus composed new music to three other songs, Gary Moore's Pretty Woman, David Grisson's Good Day For The Blues and Brian Adams' When You Love Somebody, the latter beautifully sung in a duet with Anika.

You will also find other kinds of ambience, rarely heard on J.J. Band's concerts, as in the acoustic version of Feeling' Alright or the sweet, country & western Guitar Harp rounding off the album. Thus another interesting record has appeared on the market and it will surely have a strong position in this year's musical rankings. ~~ by Andrew Matysik (Twoj Blues Quarterly).

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