JT Coldfire

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JT ColdfireJT Coldfire has played professionally for over 15 of his 31 years from Texas to New York and across the pond in Europe. Throughout his career, JT has gained the reputation as one of the hardest working musicians in Austin, sometimes playing 3 shows in a single evening never repeating the same song twice for over 9 hours of live performance. His travels all over the Texas Gulf Coast, klahoma, Tennessee, New York and as far off as Sweden, have gained an audience that is as dedicated to his performances as he is to delivering them.

His virtuosity as a singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer has garnered praise as one of the unsung heroes of the new crop of Austin blues artists.

Although his guitar playing has been compared to the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Freddie King, his style is all his own as he draws from numerous influences for a cocktail of traditional yet progressive interpretations; one minute leaning toward Muddy Waters and the next toward BB King but always sounding like himself. Raw & Real.

His authoritative stage presence is emphasized by his bellowing, guttural voice that will falsetto or growl to garner response. His newest release "Crazy Sun" shows the range of his songwriting as no two songs sound alike but still have JT's fingerprints all over them. This new record drips of his abilities in several styles providing a powerful blend of American Roots Music that can only be described as Raw & Real.

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