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James Robert Murray is an award winning singer songwriter from a little town near Austin, Texas: Marion. His gravelly voice carries a heartfelt and often driving lyrical message. Over the years he has drawn upon his feelings about life - the things that shape who we all are and how we all feel .

James Robert MurrayWith more than 40 original songs in his play list, he provides his many fans complete emersion into his message: his music. He has won several titles for his performance on stage and the accolades of industry professionals and devoted fans for his studio work.

His style has been dubbed Texas Soul because of his Bluesey - Jazzy - Rock style. In his music you will sometimes hear every genre and, other times, none you can accurately identify. He has been called a maverick and a genius for his music's composition and arrangement: never fringe or surreal - just solid and surprisingly drawing.

James Robert Murray frequents the Austin music scene. His 6th street following is ever growing and his fan base has found in him a real star close enough to reach out and touch.

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