Jammin’ Joe Buck

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Jammin’ Joe BuckJammin’ Joe Buck - Jammin Joe has plenty of talent in his family! His father is an awesome trumpet player from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is one of the best Dixieland trumpet players in the entire west coast. He has played with jazz greats such as Wingy Manone, Red Norvo, Johnny Guarnieri, Squire Girsback, Norma Teagarden, Dick Carey, Barrett Deems, Si Perkoff, Carl Lunsford, Bob Helm, Jack Buck, Kenny Williams, Marty Eggers, Dick Oxtot, Ev Farey, Ray Skjelbred, Jim Goodwin, Bob Short, Jack Crook, Wally Rose, Bill Napier, Fred Higuera, Art Hodes, Bob Mielke, Rex Allen, Phil Howe and Leon Oakley. He began teaching his son Joe how to play the horn when he was only three years old. He remains the single most influential musician in Jammin Joe’s life.

Jammin Joe Buck’s grandfather was a famous jazz musician in his day. He was the trombone player for Bob Scobey’s Frisco Jazz Band. He played with numerous jazz greats like Louis Armstrong, Trummy Young, Bing Crosby, Bob Scobey, Clancy Hayes, Darnell Howard, Albert Nicholas, Tom Buck, Bill Napier, Ralph Sutton, Art Hodes, Burt Bales, Bob Mielke, Frank Haggerty, Squire Girsback, Rex Allen, Phil Howe, Leon Oakley, Bob Neighbor, Jim Goodwin, Bob Short, Jack Crook and Wally Rose. The famous pianist Earl Hines wanted him to leave the Scobey band to go play with his band. Joe’s grandfather was also one of the trombone players on Bing Crosby’s “Bing With A Beat” album. I should also mention that Joe’s grandfather was one heck of a piano player too.

Jammin Joe’s grandmother was a very talented and beautiful jazz singer. She was featured on radio shows and traveled around singing with The Ellis Kimball Orchestra. That is where she met Joe’s grandfather. He was the trombone player for the group. She ended her musical career to raise her children after they married.

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