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Jay Jesse Johnson is a seasoned veteran of the guitar. His Stratocaster sound is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower, with just enough speed and chops to make him truly unique. Johnson was born in rural Indiana and started playing events and nightclubs when he was 12yrs old .

At the age of 18, he packed up his 72' Stratocaster as well as his 64' Fender Bassman amp and moved his music career to the East coast, performing and recording with some of the best in the industry. "L.A.'s the Place" magazine says "JJJ is one of the most electrifying guitarists you will ever hear".

In 2010, Johnson was featured in "Classic Rock" magazine, along with Joe Bonamassa, on the CD "Bluesbreakers" (the hottest blues/rock). His catalog of CD's also topped the charts at Guitar Nine Records. JJJ was the guitarist with East coast band Cryer and appeared on MTV with Arc Angel and their hit single, "Tragedy" (CBS/Portrait records).

Johnson was also the guitarist and songwriter for supergroup, Deadringer (Grudge/BMG records) which included members from Alice Cooper and Blue Oyster Cult. He has shared the stage with guitar heroes, Johnny Winter, Robin Trowerr, Rick Derringer and Pat Travers, to name a few.

In 2009, Jay Jesse Johnson released his third solo CD titled "Play That Damn Guitar" on Grooveyard Records. It has received rave reviews and is a "must have" for Guitar fans everywhere. Johnson's gritty and hard driving performance is a testament to his own style of blues/rock guitar and vocals. His unforgettable riffs, sublime solo's and audacious groove's, defies you not move to the music...

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