Jeff Taylor

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Last but not least, another INDY folks, Jeff Taylor HURTIN' GAME is the CD. Kinda like a Robben Ford who can sing. Another in the tasty arena of blues guitar. HURTIN' GAME is the meat on this table. All been there folks. Nice thang bout this CD is that EVERY song is an original. No old, dirty dogs here folks. He is doin' his own thang. I liked THINGS COULD GET WORSE, IMHO the best written tune on CD. Always a sucker for a HARD LUCK &WHISKEY tune folks. That's what da blues is about:) Some nice harp work from JUKE LOGAN & some real nice horn work. TASTY is da word for this baby. This CD like a well dressed, classy woman. Stylin' & profiling, JEFF TAYLOR you da man !!! Bluespower. Over & out.

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