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Let me introduce to you Jessy Martens, to many of you unknown I think. Jessy Martens is a young, 24 year old lady from Hamburg, Germany. At this age, she already released her fourth album, Live at Blues Baltica. I had 1 album of her and played it again after a long time and was pretty impressed again, so I collected the other 3 as well. She has a powerful voice and she gives me the shivers now and then, but that is personal ofcourse. Below is a Google Translation of her German site. Don't miss her and enjoy!!

Comparisons with Amy Winehouse, Bette Midler, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin or whoever may flatter the singer from Hamburg. They need not have! Latest on her new album shows the power woman with the "voice to die for" (rock times) independent character. With BRAND NEW RIDE published Jessy Martens, 24 years old, already their fourth CD and at the same time celebrating her debut as a songwriter. A hefty dose of rock, blues, soul and soulful ballads, casual cool grooves and licks, all produced excellent make, except the singer to much more than a tip!
Jessy Martens
"Live on Stage" is just her "thing" under the skin and into the heart - there aims and there she meets the lady too! Her emotional depth, her love of music, her enormous energy and its sheer stunning stage presence combine into an explosive mixture, which one can not escape. Jessy Martens and her newly formed band in late 2010 give the Blues with their songs and expressive interpretations of Ray Charles, KT Tunstall and Duffy a proper makeover. The entire band features music class. No wonder then that German radio stations and music critics Jessy Martens + band promptly nominated for the German Blues Award. "An outstanding band", summarizes and Germany radio!

We can only wonder where the journey of the young singer in her Brand New Ride, will go with her new band. A blank slate is not long. With over 500 concerts, inter alia important to many of the main stages in the blues festivals + jazz scene as well as 4 CD + 1 DVD production in the luggage, it has been among the most outstanding voices of the blues in Europe and her band as a top act. The enthusiasm of the audience and the press, among organizers and fellow musicians is downright effusive.

Here Jessy had pursued for years very different goals. Been trained from childhood in dance and music, she had already completed a 16 musical training, years of solo voice sang in various gospel choirs, and was the "flagship" talent of the Hamburg School of Music. Then she landed by accident in Hamburg's legendary Cotton Club and was infected by the term blues. Together with the Hamburg Blues pianist Jan Fischer (German Blues Award winner of 2011) and his band worked Jessy Martens from then on their past success. With their new, young team Jessy wants to inspire far beyond the boundaries of the genre beyond the audience.


Pressure in solid blues rock-soulful sound brings the end of 2010, newly formed band on stage. It shines beside Jessy Martens v.a. The 22-year-old guitarist Werner novel with tremendous enthusiasm, virtuosity and feeling. Roman Werner (guitar), Jan Fischer (keyboards), Tom Rohloff (bass) and Christian Kolf (drums) provide the necessary foundation Jessy, a groove and shine as soloists. Already on their first concerts, the response was tremendous. The Kieler Nachrichten are convinced after the Blues Festival 2011: "This crew is the future!" And this, the band at a fast pace in attack: two CDs with the best reviews have been created in 2011, the next album is already being planned!

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