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Jim Bradford - A lot of ground has been covered. Pretty lucking that way. As a small child I bumped my head, got lost and moved with my family around the US and even Canada. But that was just the very beginning.

After we settled in wheat country near grandaddy’s farm, I drove at 10, shoved grain, shot gophers, got sunburned, had that first love, found out about keggers, rock and music. Didn’t care for school that much, but went to college anyway.

Got into a band and various versions of trouble without knowing how to play guitar, sing, or write songs – just did it anyway. I was pretty awesome for a kid though - acting cool at gigs.

Despite all efforts, managed to graduate and move into the tiny room in the back of the 1 person engineering company I worked for in capital city. This is where I learned about energy conservation and met someone. A difficult woman with a strong s drive and stronger mind.

Hardening and molding a naďve bumpkin from bum-stuck nowhere. Into a, a, hmmm.. what was I?

Traveling cheap, backpacks, passports, wits. Hong Kong, China with its spit, gong gong cheechers, snake bile wine, closed areas, life. All the way to NW Pakistan. Front row view of refugees, big mountains, cheap hash. Took acid with Goan and traveled back 3000 years like left behinds of Alexander the Great. India, Nepal, SE Asia. Lost weight. Popped up again in Australia. US looks different now.

Then, it was over and it was off to the facility. Working the machine during the day, singing about its over-through at night. Inspiration for the Ionizers, after ionizing radiation.

Itchy feet in a couple years so got a great wife and a one way ticket to CO. Back for PhD, family, house.

Climbed mountains, procreated, buried one. Found out about hard work, pain, heart wrenching excursions deep into the specter and miracle of modern science and carried forward. Still.

Found love, peace, maybe some wisdom or not. Put my body towards saving the world and found myself climbing the proverbial ladder towards that vague, mystical, fictional brass ring. Tilting at success - achieving and compromising.

Secretly, self interest even to the point of greed, drive what people do. Present company excepted. Good things in bad hands, then, hopefully, the good corrupts the bad making it a little better. Best mind ur motives.

Now, as the earth’s rotation quickens and seasons blur and careen into decades. Balance, love and beautiful, mystical music.


Jim Bradford has help found several bands. Most Notably, Toxic Thoughts and Ionized Nation. Now, with this new album "Redraw the Line," Jim has embarked on the solo / singer/songwriter portion of his music career.