Jo' Buddy

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Jo' Buddy has a very individual & personal style! His laid back music spreads joy of life, being simultaneously timeless, earthy & spiritual. It's a raw, rootsy & wide open mixture of Ragtime, Down Home Blues, Old Spirituals, Boogie Woogie, Early Jazz, Western Swing, Folk, Country, Zydeco, Swamp Boogie, New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Rock´n`Roll, Rockabilly, Garage Rock, Heartfelt Ballads...and even echoes Rhythms of Western Africa or Spanish Flamenco!
And his versatile live repertoire consists only of his original world class songs!

Jo' BuddyFor those who believe in life before this one, he's assured that he led his previous life in NEW ORLEANS. He has made numerous pilgrimages to this CRESENT CITY, his guitar always as an companion. Why, he even got married there once !! Jo'Buddy has made a fair pack of friends with his music in different parts of EUROPE, USA & CANADA. Now he already has over 2.100 gigs behind him as a solo artist & a great number with many, many line ups but since 2004 he's been working on the road as a duo with the drummer wizard DOWN HOME KING III. Through the years he has also become familiar as a frontman with such bands as ONE O'CLOCK HUMPH (1985-98), GROOVY EYES (1993-) and HELGE TALLQVIST BAND (2004-), as a guitarist for TINY TONES (1997-), DIZ WATSON & TONY UTER (2004-) and as a drummer & a bassist for TRAGIC SAM & THE LOWDOWN ROCKERS (2007-)

He has also opened shows for such masters as Buddy Guy, Louie Bluie, Big Jack Johnson, Rosco Gordon, Carl Weathersby, Wayne Bennett, Frank Frost, Louisiana Red, John Fogerty, Bob Brozman, Doug MacLeod, Big Joe Louis, John Mooney, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Judge Bone & Doc Hill, Honey B. & The T-Bones, Nieminen & Litmanen... ...and He has played with; Big Jay McNeely, Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong, Eddy Clearwater, Maceo Parker & Horny Horns, Lazy Lester, Kim Wilson, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Junior Watson, Carlos Guitarlos, Rick Holmstrom, Gene Taylor, Larry Taylor, Jeff Turmes, Richard Innes, Jimi Bott, Wess Starr, Fred Kaplan, Lynwood Slim, Diz Watson & Tony Uter, Oliver "La La" Morgan, Paul "Lil´ Buck" Senegal Band, Jim Kweskin, Doyle Bramhall Sr., Doug MacLeod, T.J.Wheeler, Lurrie Bell, Chris Thomas King, Bill Sims, Seasick Steve, R.J. Mischo, Rockin´Jake, Doug Jay, Carlos del Junco, Jo´ Buddy with Paul "Li´l Buck" Senegal Band at Swampwater Saloon, Lafayette, Louisiana, November 1997. Speedy Parks, Bill Troiani & Alexander Pettersen, Guy Forsyth, Travis Haddix, Hooter´s Blues, Dan "Daddy Squeeze" Newton, Third Degree, Sven Zetterberg, Knut Reiersrud Band, Rita Engedalen, The Papa Dan & Mr. Jo´s Drum & Bass Error System, Wiley Cousins, Brian Cober, Two Timers, Ulf "Jump 4 Joy" Sandström, Knock Out Greg & Blue Weather, Cajun du Nord, Paul & The Blue Delivery, Jussi & Eero Raittinen, Henry O´, Yka Putkinen, Jouni Joronen, T.Leino, Micke & Lefty, Pepe Ahlqvist, Helge Tallqvist, Janne Haavisto & Tom Nyman(of Laika & Cosmonauts), Esa "Blues Minister" Kuloniemi, Niko Ahvonen, Veli-Matti Järvenpää, Three Leg Dog, Veeti & The Velvets, J.Leino & Blues Guys, Jaakko Heinonen, Willie & The Wolves, Erja Lyytinen & Davide Floreno, Alaska Gavin Kalan, Wang Dang Dudes, The Stringbeans, The Roadracers...

Jo´ Buddy is a true music lover, who simply lives from his music and admires the "Good Ol´Times" - he really gives it all away when he begins to do the things he does the best - sing and play - in his deep and heartfelt way !!!

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