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Joe Becker - Joseph Christopher Becker Jr. (born June 23, 1976 in Chicago, Illinois) is a guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Joe Becker

Early life

Joe started playing guitar at the age of four years old, and was later dubbed a child prodigy after appearing on Jonathan Brandmeier's radio show at ages 7, 8 and 9.

Guitar Player Magazine. (March, 2005). Page 38.

Work with

Joe has recorded with guitarists Jason Becker, Todd Duane and Joe Kelley and can be found on releases alongside : Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Richie Sambora, Michael Angelo Batio, Steve Morse, Buckethead, Alex Skolnick, Bumblefoot, Blues Saraceno, Lars Eric Mattsson, Jeff Pilson, Mark Wood, Ron Keel, Randy Coven, E'nuff Z'nuff and Trixter.

Musical style

"Becker is a very versatile and lyrical player who runs the gauntlet from shred to ear-catching, melodic instrumentals, at times bringing to mind players such as Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson" - Mike Varney, Guitar Player Magazine 2005.

Joe's music is largely a fusion of rock, blues, metal and soul. This is largely due to his focus on making instrumental guitar music more, "accessible" to the average listener. However, his technical ability is reflected in the many other genres in which he can commonly be found - Speed metal, Jazz...etc.

His guitar playing technique in particular heavily introduces techniques characteristically advanced far beyond the styles in which he writes, such as Tapping and Sweep-picking.

In addition to writing and recording all the music himself, he also plays all the instruments heard on his records (guitar, bass, piano, strings...etc.) with the exception of drums.

Joe Becker stopped writing, playing and recording music in 2009 for personal reasons.


Joe Becker can be heard on the soundtrack of B-Horror film, "Evil Awakening" a Tempe Video release.

Joe Becker's tracks "Hot As Love" and "Hard Times" will be featured in the 2011 feature film "The Fixer," from RavensFilm Productions.

Personal life

Becker was married to Melissa Smith, and had two children - Joseph III and Michael. Divorced after 15 years of marriage in 2012.

Quotes from notable artists

What tone, feel and chops, AND humor. Love the " spoken-blues rave" whilst you are shredding..with taste I might add. Steve Lukather - Toto

Joe Becker is one of those guitarists who can take you into places you want to go but never seem to get the chance. A truly gifted musician. Dick Wagner - Alice Cooper [also : Meatloaf / Peter Gabriel / Kiss / Air Supply..the list goes on.]

He's got the most incredible tone.............ever. Greg Douglass - Steve Miller Band

Joe Becker has some really wicked blues chops. He is a very versatile musician and I am proud to call him my friend. I can't wait to jam with him when I am healed. Jason Becker - David Lee Roth / Cacophony

Joe has a great bluesy feel and plays with his heart. Good technique with tapping and speedy stuff - he's one of those guys that ya jam with for hours and a lot of cool stuff happens, know what I mean? Ron Thal (A.K.A. Bumblefoot) - Guns N' Roses

I enjoy listening to your music. Leo Lyons - Ten Years After (Founding member and original Woodstock Alumni)

You're really good, man. Eric Martin - Mr. Big

Joe's got a good vibe goin' on and some tasty tunes. George Bellas - Moggway / Ring Of Fire

Joe Becker is a very good guitarist. Michael Von Knorring - Yngwie Malmsteen

....he may well be one of the best guitarists on the Chicago guitar circuit. -

Joe's playing style puts a fresh spin on the blues while still staying true to the roots of the music and paying tribute to the legends. His licks are original,innovative and full of feeling but yet still manage to capture the essence of the music that has made Chicago the World Capital of the Blues for over 50 years. Joe Becker is a versatile player who can handle many styles of music, but I'm partial to that low down and dirty blues......This is some great music that deserves to be heard! Dave Herda - The Chicago Blues Explosion


Hot As Love - Joe Becker Music - 2009

Joe Becker & Joe Kelley, "A Night At The White Room" - Joe Becker Music - 2008

Guitar World Magazine March 2007 CD Rom - Future Publishing - 2007

Short Stories - Chops From Hell - 2006

Labour Of Love - 34 West Records - 2006

Morley Sampler CD Vol 4 - Morley Pedals - 2005

Warped Sense - Spinning Records / Joe Becker Music - 2004

Shred 101 - Chops From Hell - 2003

Warmth In The Wilderness Volume 2 - Limpid Eye Records - 2003

Warmth In The Wilderness Volume 2 - Avalon / Marquee - 2003

Warmth In The Wilderness Volume 2 - Lion Music - 2002

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