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John Earl and his band are composed of veteran performers whose electric blues are very well received world-wide. They have played together many years, with two of the members (John Earl and bassist Peter Harris) dating back to 1967. Peter was with John Earl in Capitol recording artists Plum Nelly and was onstage when they played at Carnegie Hall, opening for the James Gang, on May 15, 1971. Leading up to signing with Capitol Records they opened shows for every top act, such as; Buddy Guy, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Dr. John, John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac, and many other luminaries.


John Earl Walker, founder, lead guitarist and lead vocalist of the band, took up the guitar at age thirteen. Shortly thereafter, John began forming his own bands to play at local gigs. He also started writing his own music and lyrics, a practice he continues to this day as evidenced by the forty two original tunes penned by Walker on his four studio CD releases. By age sixteen, John was playing professional gigs in clubs with older band mates. John cites the three Kings (BB, Albert, and Freddie) along with Chuck Berry as his biggest influences as he developed his own unique style.

A great day for John Earl was in December of 1975, when John Earl was asked to film a pilot playing guitar with BB King for channel 9 KHJ in Los Angeles called "Backstage Pass." 


Peter Harris played bass guitar with Walker during 1967 in an early seven piece guitar band Plastic People, then in Plum Nelly and in many other Walker lineups. 
Joey Tremelo, rhythm guitarist, was also part of Plastic People. Joey reconnected with Walker again in 1978 and he has remained with him to this day.

Gene Cordew pumps up the Walker sound on the Hammond B3 organ. Gene first joined up with Walker in 1995 and has played on all of Walkers CDs. Gene was a member of Little Buster And The Soulbrothers for many years, opening shows for BB King, and Johnny Guitar Watson Watson.

Frank Diorio is the drummer in Walker's current band line up. Frank has played with Felicia Collins of The David Letterman Show and in the 1990's he toured with comedian Andrew Dice Clay. Frank's performance with Clay at Madison Square Garden can be seen in the movie "Dice Rules." Frank adds a tremendous dynamic power to the Walker sound.

Tommy Keys, the latest addition to the Walker lineup, is a great artist in his own right. Keys is a dynamite barrelhouse boogie and blues piano player and his debut appearance with the band was on Walker's latest CD, "Come Over Here". Tommy has opened for such acts as Bryan Lee, and Smokin' Joe Kubec.

John Earl Walker's albums have all received tremendous reviews and extensive airplay on both terrestrial and Internet radio, worldwide. All over the globe, blues/rock lovers and guitar freaks alike, love Walker's exciting emotional style of string bendin', story tellin' guitar playing.